Vegware Compostable Food Carton

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Hugely popular range of compostable food cartons with a natural kraft finish, water-based greaseproof lining and leakproof webbed corners. Practical, yet elegant in design, Vegware's food cartons are the eco-chic container for takeaway foods. Use for pie, mash and gravy (they won't leak, we promise!) pasta, salads, and all sorts of yummy hot treats!

  • Made from sustainably-sourced paper board
  • Water-based and compostable grease-resistant lining
  • Leak proof webbed corners
  • Size: No.1 / 700ML, No.2 / 1500ML, No.3 / 1800ML, No.5 / 1050ML, No.8 / 1300ML, Noodle 32oz

Beware of imitations! Many similar-looking hot food cartons have a natural kraft finish, though in fact have a plastic lining and therefore are not compostable. Our kraft food cartons are not only made from sustainably-sourced paper board but the lining is compostable and plant-based - so the cartons can simply be recycled along with food waste after use.

We recommend testing them out with whatever food you have in mind, so just get in touch and we will send samples for you to have a play with. 

Some ideas below on which foods work best with which size carton:
No.1 is perfect size for side dishes such as rice and noodles, chocolate brownies or small fruits such as berries.
No.2 easily holds main course portion sizes, multiple slices of cake or sandwiches.
No.3 is great for generous portions of chili con carne, or jacket potatoes with all the trimmings.
No.5 is great for pasta salads and curries.
No.8 is great for stews and curries.

Pack Size: No.1 - 450; No.2 - 280; No.3 - 180; No.5 - 150; No.8 - 300; Noodle - 400

Low Environmental ImpactY
ColourBrown Kraft
SizeNo.1/700ml, No.2/1500ml, No.3/1800ml, No.5/1050ml, No.8/1300ml, Noodle 32oz